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The First Christmas: A New Children’s Book by Thomas Williams, illustrated by Frank Fraser

By Well-Read Mom | November 11, 2019 |

November 11, 2019Year of the Artist As I showed my young son the animated film of Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas last December — a childhood favorite of mine featuring the splendid narration of Boris Karloff — I came to the disturbing realization that our most memorable Christmas poetry in the English language…

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Who We Are & The Stories We’re In by Julia Harrell

By Well-Read Mom | October 4, 2019 |

October 4, 2019Year of the Pilgrim I’ve been a member of a Well-Read Mom group outside Washington, DC for three years. During that time, I’ve discovered some new gems and reread some old favorites. I was thrilled when The Power and The Glory, one of my all-time favorite novels, was on the Well-Read Mom list last…

Saved by the Well-Read Mom book club

By Well-Read Mom | April 10, 2019 |

April 10, 2019Year of the Contemplative by Maggie Kosloski (This article originally appeared on on November 17, 2016. ) Having small children at home doesn’t mean busy mothers can’t indulge their love of reading and desire for conversation and friendship. Reading has been a singular and great joy in my life. I was lucky…