Year of the Family

On the Art of Walking Alone

By Well-Read Mom / July 31, 2021 /

by Jane Elizabeth Holman I’m an admittedly picky walker. I don’t like too much cold or heat, I don’t enjoy uphill stretches, and I prefer bucolic surroundings (which are in short supply in my suburban neighborhood). You might find me walking on a warm fall afternoon—if I’ve thoughtfully driven myself somewhere pretty with a mostly…

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A Literary Priest Talks Books and the Heart

By Well-Read Mom / July 24, 2021 /

Reading is connected to the life of the intellect more than any other activity. It’s what gets the muscle of the intellect working. An active intellect is always a good thing. This is what distinguishes us humans from the animals— our ability to reason, our ability to know things and to make decisions. Our minds are where our actions begin. Through the intellectual life humans are able to perceive the world, to understand it, and to act upon it. It is important to engage the intellect by making it work, by feeding it with beautiful images or presenting it with hard things to solve.

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In This House of Brede, we discover more of ourselves

By Well-Read Mom / July 15, 2021 /

A Well-Read Mom Member Reflection by Julie from Evansville, IN My WRM group let out a collective sigh after reading In the House of Brede. This book was a pearl of wisdom, one that reminded us that we have a renewed hope to share what is dear in life and to embrace life together no matter…

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On the Marking of Books

By Well-Read Mom / July 9, 2021 /

After a temporary hiatus, while we gave our website a fresh new look, the Well-Read Mom blog is back in action and registration is open for the Year of the Family! From our relationships as sisters to the love family, we are celebrating ten years of Well-Read Mom. Well-Read Mom has a beautiful year planned,…

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