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Well-Read Mom understands motherhood in the broadest possible sense - the generative capacity of all women to bring life to the world. The Well-Read Mom name reflects our origin - as an answer to the question, “Isn’t there a place after college where women can discuss the big questions of life?” We welcome women from all walks of life, regardless of whether or not they have biological children of their own.

We read together to create an openness through conversation and friendship where Truth can be encountered. We welcome women of all religious traditions. Each group has its own flavor which reflects the life experience of the members.

Because staff and many key volunteers are deeply committed Catholic women who strive to be faithful to the teachings of the Magisterium, the reflections, audios, and discussion questions view the literature through the lens of the Catholic intellectual tradition.

Members that choose our Sustaining Member level ($250) or higher receive all of the year’s books. Otherwise, you can find links to the recommended editions of the monthly selections on our website. Libraries and used book stores are great resources as well. We recommend purchasing your books early in the year to avoid shortages or price spikes.

Yes, every woman intending to participate signs up with Well-Read Mom, even if she does not read all of the books or attend all of the meetings. When you join as a member, you're not just purchasing a booklist, you are supporting this place for women to read more, read well. Since Well-Read Mom’s founding in 2012, Marcie Stokman has donated 100% of the time she gives to Well-Read Mom. However, there are business expenses in running a non-profit such as rent, utilities, legal fees, insurance, etc. Membership fees, grants, and donations all keep Well-Read Mom running.

A limited number of scholarships are available. It is our desire at Well-Read Mom that no woman is turned away due to financial hardship. We actively seek out funds for scholarships for this reason. If you are interested in receiving a scholarship, we ask that you reach out to us. Please prayerfully consider if there is any amount you would be willing to put towards your membership, and we will find a way to cover the rest.

Due to the proprietary nature of our reading list and materials, we do not show the entire list to non-current members. Unfortunately, too many women were taking advantage of the list without registering, and our reading list is a fundamental part of the Well-Read Mom experience and the feasibility of our business. However, we’re happy to give you a sneak peek of three of our books: A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery, and The Wisdom of St. Francis de Sales and Saint Jane de Chantal. Thanks for your understanding. We hope you’ll join us!

The goal of Well-Read Mom is to read more, read well. We believe that even reading part of a good book is better than not reading at all. If the booklist seems daunting, choose four to six books you’d like to read, and go from there. Even though making time to read is a challenge, it is worthwhile!

Log into your account on using the login button.

On your profile page, scroll down. You will see a big red button midway down that page that says "stop recurring payments"
Click on that button and follow the instructions.

Current members can view the book lists from all of the previous years on our website. The book lists are also available in Marcie Stokman’s new book The Well-Read Mom. Read more. Read well.

All of the Well-Read Mom materials are copyrighted. There is no duplicating or sharing of materials allowed. Well-Read Mom requires that each woman purchase her own materials, and as such we do not permit the sharing of study materials (such as two women sharing the Well-Read Mom Reading Companion or sharing website usernames and passwords).

After you become a member, you can access our member database to view groups near you.

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Yes, we would love to help you gift a membership to someone. Contact us with her name, address, and email address. We will invoice you for her membership. Once that is paid, the gift membership will be activated. We will send her a postcard and an email letting her know she has been enrolled in Well-Read Mom.

Yes, we do have women that participate on their own, although we encourage women to read with at least one or two friends as accountability partners. Discussion and friendship are key to the Well-Read Mom experience!

Yes, please contact [email protected] for more information. Sometimes local groups join together to host a larger regional event.

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Our preference has always been for women to gather in person. However, meeting online can be a great blessing when this is not possible due to distance, illness, or some other factor. Contact us for more information. 

Well-Read Mom is a 501c3 non-profit. A financial statement available upon request.