Host An Informational Meeting

Preparation for the Informational Meeting:


For this informational meeting, you’ll need:

- this printable, editable Well-Read Mom flyer  to publicize your meeting

- internet access and a computer or internet-ready television to share the following video and audios

-  registration flyers to hand out at the meeting or direct the women to register online at

- a customizable poster to publicize your group

So, grab a hot cup of coffee or an ice-cold lemonade and let’s get started!

Informational Meeting Agenda

Our typical Well-Read Mom meeting is one hour and fifteen minutes and follows the same format each month.

This informational meeting is modeled after the monthly meeting but will last only about 45 minutes.


  1. Introductions (10 minutes)
    At your meeting, explain your interest in starting a local Well-Read Mom group. After you welcome the women and introduce yourselves (if needed) you can dive right in. If you like, the women can also share their favorite book in their introduction.


Leader: Each monthly meeting opens with the leader playing the monthly audio from the Well-Read Mom website.  Today, in this welcome audio from Well-Read Mom founder Marcie Stokman, she will succinctly share the mission and vision of Well-Read Mom, along with the one Well-Read Mom “rule.”


  1.  Play welcome audio from our founder, Marcie Stokman.

Leader: Next, we’ll watch a short video that shares how and why Well-Read Mom began to give us an idea of how the mission of Well-Read Mom is different from other book clubs.


3. Play the video: "The Well-Read Mom Introduction."



Leader: It’s hard for many of us to figure out how to take the time to read. Next, we’re going to listen to a 10-minute audio by Marice about how we can make time to read.


4. Play the audio  “Three Ways to Make Reading an Intentional Interruption” and continue with group discussion (20 minutes)

Leader:  Now we have some discussion questions about what we’ve heard so far.



  • What intrigues you about the idea of reading as an intentional interruption?
  • Have you ever seen a situation in your life in a new way as a result of something you’ve read?
  • Do you think this would work in your area? Where or how could you meet?

Leader: In order to get a sense of what the Well-Read Mom experience entails, we’ll watch a brief slideshow that shows more concretely what it is like to be in a group.


  1. Show the slideshow: The Well-Read Mom Experience (3 minutes)




*If women have more questions, please consult our Frequently Asked Questions.

Leader: We close each of our meetings with an audio that introduces us to the next month’s read, why it was chosen, what to look for, and how it fits into the theme of the year. Today, we will close with this brief audio that explains the next steps you can take to join us.


Play the “Join Us” audio (2 minutes)

Leader: Here are a few housekeeping items. Register by August 1st to receive member materials by September 1st. If you think you might want the membership level that includes all of the books, register as soon as possible, as that level sells out each year.

Women don't need to read anything before the first meeting in September. The materials for that meeting are included in the Well-Read Mom Reading Companion, which you'll receive in the mail after you register.

You can register on the website, or fill out the registration form and mail it. 


A few last notes for the leader...


*You can join us at any time during the year and order materials (while supplies last). It's best that the group leaders sign up before the members so that the women will be able to select your name as their leader. And, once you sign up as a leader, we will send you an email to forward to your group with registration information.


Registration forms and payment can be collected and mailed to us at:

Well-Read Mom, P.O Box 502, Ironton, MN 56455
Please make checks payable to Well-Read Mom.